“Bull Riding and Bulls. Rodeo and Horses. Cowboys and Music. Engaging Western Lifestyles. That’s WESTERN UNLIMITED.”  
-Scott Davis



Tending to draw favorable attention or interest; to participate or become involved in


A social classification of people significantly influenced by the (often romanticized) attitudes, ethics and history of the American Western Cowboy Culture. This lifestyle affects this sector of population’s choice of recreation, entertainment, clothing, and consumption of goods.

The Sports Business world is littered with Agencies and Firms representing Athletes, Teams, Leagues, Properties, Venues and Brands focusing solely on America’s Major League Stick and Ball Sports.

Yet, never before has there been a “One Source” Agency specializing in one of America’s first sports – Rodeo – and the entire Western Lifestyle demographic. Until now, WESTERN UNLIMITED LLC, is America’s first Western Lifestyle focused Sports Marketing Agency – merging Brands, Properties and Athletes.

BRANDSWESTERN UNLIMITED LLC can provide you with a platform across the Western Lifestyle segment ranging from Properties, to Athletes, to Television. Our relationships in the industry are unsurpassed by any competitive Agency. We can help you determine how to most efficiently meet your marketing objectives while gaining the greatest return on your advertising investment.

PROPERTIESWESTERN UNLIMITED LLC can provide you with a variety of services to enhance your event and sponsorship sales. Including but not limited to; consultation on creative sponsorship initiatives, sponsorship sales, property sponsorship valuation, athletes and endorsements and television opportunities.

ATHLETESWESTERN UNLIMITED LLC can provide you with a variety of services to help you become more attractive to brands focusing on the Western Lifestyle demographic while helping you navigate the endorsement landscape.