SD Guitar Smile 2341

Music has always been a huge part of my life. From my days in the church youth choir, to the late night open mics in Fort Worth, Texas “fine tuning the craft” of my original music.

My father’s love of Elvis Presley and his lead role in a Gospel Quartet (The Southernaires) have long affected my interest in music. His love of the guitar and his urge to entertain people has always intrigued me. Eventually, I began to learn more about the guitar and I began to write.

In 2002, I thought I would be the next “superstar” and I put together 10 original tracks on a self produced CD entitled “That Guy”. I never really gave it an honest effort because I just didn’t get much out of entertaining people. It has always been about the music – about the challenge of writing a good song.

At many, many times I have tried to put music and writing “on the back burner”, but it continues to be a constant in my life. A recent American Songwriter advertisement said, “Don’t Die with the Music in You”… After seeing that – I decided not to ignore it any longer. I hope you enjoy!

Best Regards,

Scott Davis